Monday, June 29, 2009

Linda + fam... when I asked Linda for a little scouting report on what it'd be like working with her kiddos, she said Charlie's got the fake smile down pat and Eva doesn't stop moving. She was most definitely right about Eva -- she is a mover. Charlie, on the other hand, warmed up pretty quickly and flashed his great smile often enough for me to catch it a few times. Throw in the beautiful backdrop of New Town and it was a good afternoon.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

William Matthew there's a new little Garthe in the world. William was born to Kevin + Jen (...and big sis Abby) a couple weeks back. They were kind enough to let me snap a few pics of him last weekend. I'm not sure what that age is when kids learn to exhibit an emotional response to the camera -- some love the spotlight ... some hate the spotlight ... some are indifferent. William, though ... he's obviously not there yet. He had no choice but to be his two-week-old self. And that was part of the beauty of it.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Elizabeth & Maggie Elizabeth wanted a few pics taken of her and her daughter, Maggie. Maggie is most definitely a mover ... which made for a fun adventure on a humid day. A great adventure, though, as we just kinda meandered around the park and snapped a few pics here and there.

Wedding Day

And a few pics from their wedding day earlier this month.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jeff & Emily

So I figure it's time to start a photoblog. Share some pics .... share some favorite moments ... give folks a glimpse into my world and something I really enjoy.

So, the next question was where to start. Got a few photo projects I've been working on since things warmed up a couple months back ... from kids to families to engagements to a wedding. My cousin of almost 30 years got married a couple weeks back. His bride, always hardworking and sweet, was more than beautiful that day. They were kind enough to let me shoot not just some wedding pics, but some engagement pics a few weeks prior. They wanted something that was true to their personality as both individuals and as a couple. And, man, were they fun to work with. So here's a few pics of their engagement shoot...